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Blazing fast Internet is arriving in communities across BC and Alberta and your neighbourhood could be next!
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What is fibre optic technology?
A fibre optic cable is made from flexible, transparent fibres of glass that are slightly thicker than a strand of hair. These fibres transmit data as pulses of light, which allows large amounts of information to be sent to your home or business at close to the speed of light.

No Cancellation Penalty*

Want to be with your service provider, rather than be obligated to stay with anybody. UNMETERED.IO's commitment to freedom!
* UNMETERED.Direct/Fiber Transit, Transport, Waves and Dark Fibre have term agreements

Hassle-Free Honourable Billing

No nickel-and-diming on little things means no charges on the essentials like carrier-dispatched technician for repair and more... We're focused on serving you as a member of our family, not just another line item on a 'balance sheet' : How It Should Be!
Clear and simple billing policies applied by considerate administrators.
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